A Son for Nega and Emebet!


By Britainy Sholl, TFC Board Member The gift of being a parent opened my eyes to how much of a sacrifice God made when He sent His own son to die on our behalf.  The instant love parents feel for their newborns - people they've never met before - is amazing.  God loves us that way, no matter what we do.

When I spent time in Ethiopia, I saw the way the Onesimus director, Nega Maeza, and his wife, Emebet, loved the children who walked through the doors of Onesimus.  It gave me  a glimpse of God’s love.  Nega and Emebet cared for all the children with a love that was so strong and undeniable it always reminded me of our Savior, our Lord.

After years of caring for the children of Onesimus, God has now blessed Nega and Emebet with a son, whose  name is Benjamin Nega Maeza.  Benny is a miracle baby.  The Lord had to open many doors to make it possible for Nega and Emebet to have a child of their very own.

Little Benny

Nega and Emebet showed great patience, persistence, and trust as they waited on the Lord in His perfect timing to bless them with Benny.  In order to receive the medical care needed, Emebet came to America in September.  Nega and Emebet were apart for months as he remained in Ethiopia to care for the children at Onesimus.

Angels watched over and protected and guided. One such angel, Penny, took great care of Emebet and her medical needs. Penny took Emebet into her own home and treated her with gentle, loving care. Penny was and is the hands and feet of Jesus to Emebet.  Countless others prayed, donated funds, prepared, waited, and then prayed some more.  No one prayed more, of course, than Nega and Emebet.

Then it was time for the child to come.  According to human standards, it was too early.  But God’s timing is always perfect.

Benjamin Nega Maeza made his simple, quiet entrance into this world on November 29th, 2012,  weighing 3 pounds, 2 ounces.   Nega arrived in the US just shortly after his birth.

I can’t imagine what this reunion must have been like for them as they both saw their very own son for the first time. I imagine it must have been a moment when God smiled.  I think of the countless children I've seen Nega and Emebet  love as their own at  Onesimus, and I know this child, too, will be cherished.  Benny will always know his parents love him, and, even more importantly, his parents will always let him know God loves him.

After several weeks of hospitalization, Benny was able to come to Penny’s home with Nega and Emebet.  They continue to praise God and trust His timing.  When Benny is ready, they will make the long journey back to their home,  Addis Ababa.  So many people have played very important roles throughout this journey, and each person knows the glory is God’s.  And no one knows that better than Nega and Emebet.  Praise God for His provision, His timing, the blessing of His Son.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 NIV