Day Four: Tuesday

By Brittany Trapani: Basketball Fun - Central Team2013The morning started rather rough with not having any power or water.  Some of the team members were unable to take showers, which started out the day in uncomfortable conditions.  Perseverance was exemplified from our team members.  We all piled into our van and drove toward Onesimus excited for day two.  When we arrived, the kids embraced us with smiling faces and hugs.  The kids played basketball for a while, which really demonstrated their toughness and enjoyment for the game.  Some of the team members started showing off their skills by joining in the fun.

We had an amazing morning led by Howard, who told the story about Jesus walking on water.  Howard really delivered a strong message with his passion for Christ and his energetic measures. Taye, an Onesimus staff member, translated the message with enthusiasm and compassion.  After the lesson where all kids were engaged, Howard asked them if they wanted to accept Jesus as their savior.  Many children jumped out of their seat and formed a circle.  It was an amazing sight to observe these children who are surrounded by other conflicting religions accept Jesus so effortlessly.

Central Church Team June 2013

After this wonderful event, the activity rotations (similar to yesterday) set in full motion.  The kids participated excitedly in crafts, devotions, and worship music.  After the morning, our team gathered together for lunch and Nega discussed the need for funding college for some of the kids’ that have been through Onesimus’ program.  Kelly D. really displayed her passion for the kids by trying to figure out how easily we could contribute to this need. It is incredible to realize how inexpensive college is here (about $420 at the most for 3 years of college!) compared to the cost of college in the U.S.

TUESDAY - Rachael TUESDAY - Candice

After lunch, we headed to the soccer fields, where our all-star Candice led the boys in practice.  A big rain storm came and we all huddled in a building until it passed. After the boys scrimmaged, the Onesimus team stepped onto the field to face their opponent.  We all watched the game, and the boys played brilliantly together.  The boys beat the team two goals to none; it was an awesome victory.

There are several on our team who have been sick today and fatigue is setting in so please pray for healing and renewed strength! We are looking forward to our day tomorrow with the kids!