DownLine Team: God is ALWAYS working - Part 2


The following is an update from DownLine 2011 Team, a small group from DownLine Ministries in Memphis, TN, who will be serving as short-term missionaries at Onesimus Children Development Association and throughout Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in September 2011. We’ve invited our ministry partners to post their trip updates and prayer requests here on the TFC blog. You can learn more specifically about the goals of the trip by going to this post. Enjoy their journey and all God has in store...


God is ALWAYS working - part 2

Written by:  Nicci Feathers

Thursday was a great day! We awoke in DC and we headed to the airport bright and early. As soon as we arrived, we were surrounded by the beautiful Ethiopian people and it made where we were headed an exciting reality.  We made it to our terminal with no issues and we were able to grab a bite to eat before boarding the plane.

We got on the plane and we were all amazed at  how God uses even the passengers sitting next to you to bless us. During the lengthy flight,  we were each able to share the Gospel with non-believers  or be blessed by another Believer.  There were several young Ethiopian mothers sitting near us traveling with their small children. Kelly and I were able to love on them and give the mother's a small break on the very long flight.  Steve  Rice made a spiritual and business connection with an Ethiopian lady who lives in the US and she was very interested in the ministry. She is planning to drop by the drop-in center this week.

Also, Ed was sitting with an Ethiopian believer and a young Muslim boy from Kenya.  The believer shared his testimony on how He is one of twelve children and his oldest brother led the entire family to know Christ.  He is traveling to Ethiopia because his father is in a coma. Please lift this family in prayer. His devout faith in the Lord was contagious! But, he  is going to attend the Downline conference this week! Praise God! Also, there was a young Muslim boy sitting next to him and Ed was able to share the gospel. WOW- what an opportunity! Chill bumps!!!! This fourteen year old young man soaked  up the good news!  Truth in the statement... God is ALWAYS working! Jimmy has been doing life on life with this boy for several hours now and watching it is amazing! He has never heard about God before and he is asking questions and taking it all in. The seed has been planted.

Our prayer is that God will allow these relationships no matter how far the distance to continue growing. This is what life is about.  This is what God about. He has His hand all over this trip and it's already so powerful!

Watching God work is truly breathtaking!  We are all very excited at the opportunities God will provide throughout this week to share His good news!

Please pray for each of us that we will be able to get rest tonight so we can be useful for God's Great Commission as the week continues.