Introducing the Student And Family Education (SAFE) Project

I am thrilled to introduce you to The Forsaken Children's newest partner project, the SAFE Project of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The SAFE Project represents an important component of our 3 strategies for fighting the orphan and street child epidemic in Ethiopia, PREVENTION. By the way, the other 2 strategies are rehabilitation (see Children's Home Ethiopia) and sustainability (see Kota Ganate). Over time we at The Forsaken Children have found that focusing on education and family support is key in preventing more Ethiopian children from turning to the streets as their home. Therefore, we are thrilled to become the SAFE Project's partner because it revolves around these two important issues while also sharing our foundational purpose, to point people to Jesus as their Savior.

Mission: The SAFE Project exists to afford poor families the ability to send their children to school, preventing these children from turning to the streets for their livelihoods. In providing school fees and family support the SAFE Project team creates relationships and opportunities that point the students and their family members to Christ.

Basic Project Details: Beneficiaries: 80 children and their families Schools: The children attend 14 different schools Activities: Home visitation and Saturday programs for students Project Potential: In the future we hope to help the SAFE Project create micro-enterprise solutions to the families' economic crises.

Follow these links to learn more:

Student And Family Education (SAFE) Project

Meet Yohannes Belihu, a SAFE Project Student