Job is Ready to Go Home

Job and his art Job* is a 12-year-old boy living on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Job is originally from Wolayta, over 200 miles from Addis Ababa. After losing his father to an infectious disease, Job’s mother struggled to care for him and his siblings, which eventually led to Job’s decision to leave home.

Last year Job was invited to a Children’s Conference put on by TFC’s partner project. The conference presented Job with an opportunity to interact with caring adults, eat a good meal, and hear the Word of God in a child-friendly environment (such environments are not the norm in Ethiopia!).

After four years of living on the streets, Job still recognized the love of Christ he had initially experienced in his home as a young child. Excitedly, Job recommitted his life to Jesus at the Children’s Conference. Soon thereafter he began attending the drop-in center where the same men and women who were at the conference welcomed him and began to disciple him.

Today, “Job is a leader at the center…who is ready to be reunited with his family,” says Nega Meaza, director of the drop-in center. Job is ready to go home.

The Ethiopian men and women who have helped to disciple and rehabilitate Job are anxious to begin the process of reintegrating him with his family. I look forward to sharing that story with you when the time comes!

* Name changed to protect child's privacy