Maruf's Choice

For some time now the staff of Children’s Home Ethiopia has been praying for Maruf, one of the boys in the halfway home. Since coming to CHE’s Drop-In Center Maruf has been challenged to consider where to put his faith, in Allah, the god of his family or in the one true God and His son Jesus Christ. About a week ago Maruf stormed out of a devotion time that Abezu (the halfway home’s house mother) was leading and went to sleep. That very night he was tormented with dreams about whom he would choose to follow. The next morning he told Abezu about his restless night and that soon he knew he had to make a choice.


Today Maruf made his choice. After stating that he knew he had to choose Christ last night during prayer time at the halfway home, today he joyfully confessed Christ as his Savior. Feeling a bit skeptical, Abezu had her eyes on him during church today. She was overjoyed to see him lifting his hands in worship to our Lord and Savior. At that very moment she began trying to call Nega and anyone else she could think of who had been praying with her for Maruf’s soul. Eventually she reached Zede, CHE Drop-In Center’s former night guard, who is now living in Chencha, Ethiopia and working as a guard for the Kota Ganate Project. Just 20 minutes ago we (Karyn, Jonathan, Nega, and I are currently in Chencha visiting Kota Ganate) sat speechless as Zede relayed the exciting news.

I had to pass the news on ASAP so you can praise God with us for His work in Maruf’s life. Please continue to pray for Maruf as he grows in his faith.