Me- $12,000; God- A Lot More

Hanna by Nathan Golden

God is so much bigger than human expectations. We have actually come close to The Forsaken Children's total end of year fundraising goal of $24,000!

When that goal was set, it automatically seemed impossible to attain. Hoping to make the goal more manageable, I decided to campaign for just obtaining what is needed for Onesimus’ Halfway Homes in 2011 - $12,000. Since this morning God has shown how much bigger He is than human expectations and efforts. My huge lack of faith in what God can and will do is now painfully clear. Also more clear is that God provides through His people and will do so with or without human hands (this is a hard understanding to balance as a fundraiser for The Forsaken Children).

Realizing the foolishness in limiting God, I hesitated to let anyone know of God’s great provision. But maintaining a sense of pride is not nearly as important as praising God for his unexpected blessings. Praise God that He is not limited by us!

I am in awe of what God is doing despite my attempts to make things a bit more "possible". Currently, we are $8,327 over the “manageable” goal of $12,000 that was set in Hanna's Challenge. That puts us only $3,673 away from the total year end funding goal of $24,000 that I now THINK I understand as God’s goal for us. Can you believe that just this morning I sent an email out stating that we were $3,000 away from that $12,000 goal and now we are actually a little more than $3,000 away from $24,000?

An updated Hanna's Challenge will continue as scheduled until midnight, December 31, 2010. I hope you are also looking forward to seeing how God will continue to provide in the next few days.