Our Priority – How it Impacted 400 Children

by Nega Meaza, director of Onesimus "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." ~ Matthew 6:33

For the last four years the Onesimus Children Development Association has been working with street children in many ways. Some of our activities to date include:

  • Running the drop-in center – A safe place for children to come and begin their journey off of the streets.
  • Providing halfway homes for former street children who have no family to care for them.
  • Family reintegration for children ready and able to go back home.
  • Foster care to provide orphaned or abandoned children with the closest thing possible to the family God intended for them.
  • Feeding, clothing, teaching and offering medical assistance to the children and families in our care.

Over a year ago we, the visionaries of Onesimus and The Forsaken Children, took a look at who we had become and asked the question ...

“Why did we start all this in the first place?”

As we wrestled with this question, we remembered our core, heartfelt motive. Our true motive wasn't to provide for the physical needs of Ethiopia’s street children. While such physical provision is a joy and something we have always done, our priority seven years ago was to bring lost Ethiopian children and adults to Christ. After our wrestling match things began to change here at Onesimus. While the things I listed above (physical things) have continued, they have done so as a means to minister the love of Christ to those we serve.

Our team now focuses on the first thing, reaching this country’s poor children and families with the wonderful, transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has done wonderful things through this organization. For example, just last weekend we held a children’s conference in the heart of Addis Ababa. Let me tell you all about it…

Conference: Over 400 children attended! We invited 150 Onesimus beneficiaries, 100 children from different churches, and 150 street children.

Honestly, we worried a lot that the children would not come. However, more street children than we ever expected came and guess what else? They showed up two hours early! Indeed, it was amazing!

After breakfast, I opened the program and was followed by none other than Desse Tesfa, the first Onesimus beneficiary. Desse poured out his heart, testifying how God has changed him. He shared this before hundreds of boys and girls, many who knew him from the streets.

Dramas were performed, we sang songs, and God’s Word was preached.

I looked out after the Gospel was shared and saw children weeping. Fifty-eight people came to know Jesus Christ and more than 400 children heard the Gospel!

Thank You I would like to thank The Forsaken Children, Inc., who makes all of this possible through the funds they send and the prayers they lift up! Also, I am grateful to the Onesimus staff, the different churches, and all the volunteers who took part in this special conference. God bless you all!

Coming Soon through Onesimus This September Onesimus is partnering with Downline Global to offer a wonderful training on true discipleship to theological students and full-time church leaders of Ethiopia.