Spiritual Eyes = Blurred Vision


By Britainy Sholl Have you ever heard that saying, “Be careful what you ask for….”? I’ve spent years praying for clear spiritual vision. I’ve wanted to see the world through the Lord’s eyes so I could see what He sees and really learn to be His hands and feet. Well, be careful what you pray for.

Two years ago the Lord took me to Ethiopia. I thought for years I was “on to” something as far as gaining clear spiritual vision and direction for the Lord’s call on my life. But when I took my first step in Ethiopia, my vision became blurred. I realized God doesn’t see us all as different; rather, in His vision, we all blur together. His children. His creation. His heart.

Many people couldn’t understand why I would travel half way around the world on a mission trip. Many people, even Christians, thought it was a bad idea and even went so far as to tell me that I shouldn’t go.

But, thankfully, the only voice I listened to was the one inside me - the one true voice of the Holy Spirit.

And I am so thankful that my clear vision became blurred.

God knows us each on an individual basis. But He doesn’t compartmentalize us or divide us. For we are ALL God’s children, and we are ALL loved by our Heavenly Father. I prayed for clear vision, and I got it.

We are ALL children of God, and there is no separate Heaven for Ethiopians and Americans. We may look differently and come from very different circumstances, but we are all equal and loved in the eyes of God.

Galatians 3:28 says,

“There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.”

There is only one Heaven, and all of us who trust in Jesus for our salvation will be there together. Blurry and beautiful.

May my Christian brothers and sisters who see clear divisions have their spiritual vision blurred by the Lord. I pray for Memphis, TN, to have blurry vision. I pray for those who tried to get me to back out of the Ethiopia mission trip to have blurred vision. And most of all, I thank the Lord for giving me what I asked for….a chance to see the world as He sees it.