Team Ethiopia 2015: Central Church


On Thursday June 18, a team of eight from Central Church left Memphis, TN for Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa to work with the children TFC serves. They will work side by side with the Ethiopian team TFC partners with and work to share Lasting Hope with street children and those at-risk. Each day the team will "check in" and send a report from their day. We look forward to sharing those updates here. Please feel free to comment along the way, the team will view these comments daily and share them with the team in the mornings.

Last we heard from the team, they were boarding their final leg of the trip to Addis Ababa around 9:30am CST (Friday, June 19).

The team has made it safe and sound. We received word around 2:00 am, Saturday June 20th. They are now resting comfortably in the guest house.

Team Ethiopia 2015 from Central Church