Team Ethiopia: Day 5 (Monday)


First day with the kids is finally here! The team battled distractions in the morning but made it to the drop-in center to spend a great first day there.  Months of hard work and preparation finally came to life and the kids, team and staff were all thrilled to see each other.  God really worked in the various stations of the Vacation Bible School and kids were given the opportunity to accept Christ. We concluded the night at the Bridges’ house for a wonderful, home-cooked meal and a moving debrief of the day.  Read more for details.


The team woke up with great excitement early to go to the drop-in center and the first day of our VBS program.  The electricity went out around 3am and stayed off through the day.  We still had our daily devotional early in the morning and the helpful staff was still able to make coffee, toast and scrambled eggs over a fire.


The Forsaken Children staff and kids gave us a very warm welcome with roses.  The kids were finally gathered, including street kids and those from the halfway home.

DSCN6530 IMG_3886

IMG_3917  DSCN6538

The team was thrilled to see them and the feeling was mutual - lots of hugs were given.   We were presented a welcome cake to eat and I had the honor of blessing it (cutting it in half while kids clapped).


Bradley and Cathy led the kids in singing and gesturing to Soul on Fire.  I gave the lesson for the day on realizing that Gods means for you to be where you are and I was able to present my background and testimony, feeling called to do so, having just completed the Evangelism and Spiritual Gifts Harvesters’ program.  I even had the chance to give a formal invitation to the kids to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Although no one raised their hand, I am hopeful that seeds have been planted for later in the week or down the road.


All of the kids had a great time in our different stations including 1. Arts and Crafts- Sylvia and Cathy led the kids in gluing cotton balls into a cloud with Luke 9:35 verse and putting together a cross necklace, 2. Games – Bradley led monkey in the middle and “steal the bacon” 3. Bible Application – Liz brought the word to the kids and used Ethiopian examples to tell them the “story” and 4. Composition – Joyce conducted a word search associated with the Exodus out of Egypt and stickers.  Kelly, Meme and the whole team were thrilled to see the hard work and preparation finally come to life!


The Bridges had us over to their home for dinner including homemade lentils, vegetables, rice -all delicious! Joyce had prepared a delicious chocolate mousse cake and we celebrated Karyn’s birthday early.  The power was out but we had our daily debrief and the Holy Spirit was among us.  We recapped highlights of the day of how God was among us wherever we went and prayed salvation for not only the kids but for family members back home.


Can't wait for what the Lord has in store for all of us in Day Two tomorrow!



Dan and team Ethiopia!!

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