Team Ethiopia: Day 8

Blog Day 8 (Thursday)  

Bradley here! Today was fantastic! I woke up extra early this morning to prepare for my lesson I taught today. I went upstairs to the top floor, set my papers down, and glanced out the window. When I looked out, I saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

IMG_4686 (1)

After gazing at God’s artwork and gathering my lessons, the team had a great breakfast with fresh mangos (so good). After breakfast we got ready to go to the drop-in center. As we were driving, we listened to “How Great is Our God” and “Holy Spirit”. The songs really encouraged us, and gave us lots of energy. Once we got there, we did our normal routine: worship, lesson, activities, and lunch. The drop-in center was extra special because it was our last day there.

Kids singing  "Mighty to Save"


Worship and teaching time for the last time with the kids

Dan’s highlight was the chance to squeeze in a session to teach some of the boys his signature wrestling move, the outside cradle and sticking up for a little girl to get her seat back after some boys took it.


Thankfully, most of the kids at the drop-in center will be with us on Saturday, so we didn’t have to say our goodbyes today. After the programs, we drove to this wholesale gift shop to shop for souvenirs (I got a drum and a vase). We then went to dinner and let Sylvia rest because she was not feeling good.   After dinner, we started our debriefing session. I particularly love debriefing.  I love getting to share our emotions and see what the other team members learned from the day. After debriefing, the power suddenly decided to go out. I am actually writing this blog hoping that we will get power so I can post it! No worries though.  Before I go, I want to tell you all about how awesome God is and how He loves and cares for us. For the past few days, I have been very sick, which made it very hard to appreciate and enjoy what was happening all around me and made me feel like I was letting the kids and my team down. Last night, the team all laid their hands on me, praying that I would be healed.  When I woke up today, God just decided that every second I had today was going to be blessed by Him. Except for my throat, my body felt incredible! I wasn’t tired, I didn’t feel sore, and I had a much better attitude.  God also blessed me with a beautiful sunrise and sunny weather, which He knows I love. He also blessed me by speaking through me and giving me peace while I gave my lesson, which just happened to be on praise today! And last but not least, he gave me not one, but TWO Cokes today. I’m so happy about today, and I felt like this was worth sharing. We have our staff retreat tomorrow, so it should be a great day! Love and miss y’all!

Bradley and Team Ethiopia


PS Don’t forget to comment!! We read them every morning (assuming we have power!!) Prayer request from Cathy and the team: please continue to pray for the health of the team. Bradley is still very under the weather (although has a great attitude!), Sylvia is not feeling great (the rest seemed to help her tonight) and a couple of others mentioned sore throats or just feeling “off” today. We have two VERY full days ahead of us that will require a lot of energy, so we need miraculous healing from our Great Physician. Thank you!!