Team Ethiopia: Everyone Is Here!

The following is an update from Team Ethiopia, a small group from Central Church in Memphis, TN, who will be serving as short-term missionaries at Children’s Home Ethiopia in June 2010. We’ve invited our dear friends and ministry partners to post their trip updates and prayer requests here on the TFC blog.  Enjoy…

Although there is not yet a photo to prove it (after a full days worth of travel none of the teammates that just arrived were eager and/or willing to let a photo be caught of them upon their arrival). However, THE TEAM IS ALL HERE!!!

God has provided safe journey for the rest of our five teammates (Bonnie, Kara, Kelly, Liz, and Tom)! Everyone is here, safe and sound! We met as a full team of nine briefly and prayed together before sending the new arrivals to bed. It is currently 11:15pm-ish here in Ethiopia, so hopefully the team will be able to sleep well tonight and get rested a bit before tomorrow begins.

Specific things to pray for: sweet rest and slumber tonight for the five teammates that just arrived, the energy level tomorrow for everyone as we begin our work and schedule at the Drop-In Center, for the one piece of missing luggage - that it arrives here safe and sound in time for what activity pieces it holds (praise God we believe it holds items that will only be used later in the week), for team bonding, and for our work tomorrow with the children and staff of the Drop-In Center. Lord, give us patience, abundant love, and grace that comes from the power of the Holy Spirit!

In Christ,

Team Ethiopia