Team Ethiopia: Farewell

This was our last day with the kids. It was an awesome morning because we were able to meet up with the kids and watch them in a street race. The kids raced from the drop-in center to the soccer field. The street was shut down for the kids to run. We led the race in the van. When we arrived at the soccer field we finished watching the end of the race. They did a super job!

We stayed at the soccer field for a few hours to watch two soccer games. One was the Onesimus staff/volunteers and the soccer coaches. The soccer coaches won 3-2.

The next game was the championship game for the children. It was so fun to see their faces light up and to see how excited they were about the championship game. It was the 4th year for the league. The Onesimus staff really rolled out the red carpet for us! We had a tent set up, soft drinks, and cookies! We had so much fun on the last day. Although it was hard to say good-bye, we know God is in this place.

I encourage you to talk to one of our team members and hear their personal stories and experiences when they return home. Please also enjoy all of the beautiful photos.

Please pray for our team: Kelly M., Liz, and Howard are not feeling well. They have a bug. Also, pray for our safety on the flight home. We need patience as well.

Here is our flight info: Addis Ababa to Washinton D.C: Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET500 Depart 10:15 PM Saturday June 16 - Arrive 8:40AM Sunday June 17

Washington D.C. to Detroit: Delta Airlines Flight DL3097 Depart 12:25 PM- Arrive 2:10PM

Detroit to Memphis: Delta Airlines Flight DL404 Depart 3:45PM- Arrive 4:40 PM Sunday

See you in Memphis! Love you all!!

- Jane