Team Ethiopia: We have found hope


"Jesus, he can move the mountains, Our God is mighty to save, He is mighty to save..." This is one of the songs we have been singing all week with the children and it has really stuck with me throughout the trip. It is a reminder of how perfect and mighty our God is. We realize how we can not be a savior to anyone, but God can use us as a vessel to carry his love and word to others. Our morning started off a little wobbly, a head lice scare and our fearless leader was very ill. We were unsure of how our day would go starting off this way. Our hearts were heavy beginning this day. But quickly we learned today how to improvise and "make it work."

"How can you not see God working all day long when we were still able to love on and teach the kids even though our plans were changed?" -Ben

We showed up at the drop in center minus 3 team members. There were a few less kids today because of exams at school.

Brittainy and Candice taught the lesson today. They did a super job acting out what it means to trust in God. Afterwards, Brittainy shared her testimony to the children. Tears filled our eyes as we were listening to Brittainy and how God has used her for His glory and His glory alone. The kids really connected with her testimony. As one of the children said, "Her story is not much different than mine." What a beautiful day that God can use us, in our weakness, to bring honor to His name on the other side of the world.

We got to do a lot of exciting things today that we have not done yet. Our team visited the Leper Colony today and went to the hospital. Even though we were only there for less than an hour, it really taught me a lesson. I learned that God provides and God can take care of all people despite their weaknesses or illnesses. We shopped at the store there. All things in the shop are handmade and as you enter, you can see the women sitting on the grass creating their beautiful pieces to sell in the store.

Afterwards, we visited the girls home and then the boys home. At the boys home, we got to here more stories about the children. I can truly feel the presence of the Lord among the halfway homes. The house parents were so kind and welcoming too. It takes a lot of courage and trust in the Lord to take care of so many children at once. The time there at the home was precious as we got to spend more one on one time with the children. We enjoyed making bracelets with them. Praise God for these children and for the family that God has given them through Onesimus.

We only have two short days left with the kids, and even though it is two short days, we know that our mission is not over. Our mission to spread the love of Christ will continue. We must go forth and we must take these life changing experiences that are of God and share them with others so that they may too see the love that we have seen this week.

We have learned to trust in God, we have learned to praise God, we have learned to lean on each other, we have learned that God WILL and DOES provide, we have learned to always be thankful, and most importantly we have learned that God's plan is greater than ours and God's Will always outweighs our plans. One of our team members so appropriately said, " God laughs at OUR plans."

Prayer Requests: Pray for these last few days we have with the kids...that our time will be intentional and that our time will bring glory to our Lord, Our Savior. Also, pray for safety for the upcoming flight and healing for those who are sick.

- Jane