Team Ethiopia: What a beautiful day...

God worked in us in a mighty way today. We saw God move in our lives and we saw God in the lives of the children! This morning we had breakfast at the guest house, we had Liz's favorite...porridge! YUM! Then we had a devotion time....Liz has really put her heart into our devotions. They are so important to the team and so real to what we are experiencing. We were able to read letters from our loved ones again...thank you thank you thank you friends & family at home for your kind and encouraging words!

We arrived at the drop in center and once again we were greeted by open arms of 100 children. We were all so happy to be back at the center with the children today.

Howard and Liz taught the lesson today. It was about the ten plagues and they did a skit with the children to demonstrate the tenth plague. The children really enjoyed watching the skit. They explained how Passover was originally celebrated with the angel of death passing over the houses that had blood on the door posts and over the doors. Liz gave an invitation to the children to speak with an adult to talk about being saved. The faces of the children were delighted to hear of this story. Two thumbs up to Liz and Howard! Howard really did his best in trying to speak the Amharic language to the kids...they thought it was so funny!

After the lesson, we did crafts, activities, and devotion time. It all went very smooth today...much different than yesterday. In crafts, we created cross necklaces and we discussed what the cross means to us. We also sang..."I have decided to follow Jesus." So beautiful!! It brings joy to my soul.

Devotion time has been super and Liz says the kids have been asking so many deep intelligent questions. Praise God for this! Activities were a hit again today...singing and dancing with Candice!!! They absolutely LOVE the songs with motions.

Some of us today were able to talk to the children and discuss their stories. We were touched and transformed by what God is doing in the lives of the children.  Their stories are incredible and will just blow you away! Today I was able to talk with one of the children. He opened up to me very quickly and was not afraid to share how he was saved. One of the ladies from the organization found him on the streets and invited him to come in. He asked her what he needs to do to know the Lord. She simply said that he had to pray and ask God for forgiveness of his sins and trust in Him. He then continued to tell me about his life and family. The things he told me, I have never experienced. The things he told me, I couldn't imagine happening. And the things he told me, broke my heart. But yet....He is unafraid to speak of God as His savior so boldly!!! I can not express in words how beautiful the children are, not only on the outside but completely on the inside.

After VBS we went to lunch at the SIM house. This is where missionaries from all over the world come to stay. Many of our team members have stayed there before and were excited to go back. We had a delicious lasagna meal! Mr. McGoo enjoyed it the most....three helpings of of the funniest things I have seen on this trip. One of the men on the staff would bring him more lasagna each time he finished. His face was priceless and he sure did not feel well later!

We were also able to visit with other missionaries during this time. Then, some of us bought Amharic bibles and children's books in Amharic. We were able to go back and play for a bit at the drop in center after lunch.

Next, we went to the soccer field for a soccer clinic. Candice led the girls in teaching them soccer "moves" . Other team members stepped right up to help and they did awesome too! The girls in Ethiopia have never experienced playing soccer in an organized way like they did today. They did a fabulous job and their faces just lit up!! I must say that they thoroughly enjoyed it.  The rest of the team led the kids in other games......we had a "ball" today! We laughed so much today and we were full of smiles.

God is humbling us completely. He is showing us and teaching us many things that we will carry with us in our hearts and bring home with us.

Continue to pray that God will show us His provision for us and that we will follow His will. Also, continue to pray for our health...we are still having some minor health issues.

- Jane