Team Ethiopia: The Lord Often Uses the Least Expected

The following is an update from Team Ethiopia, a small group from Central Church in Memphis, TN, who will be serving as short-term missionaries at Children’s Home Ethiopia in June 2010. We’ve invited our dear friends and ministry partners to post their trip updates and prayer requests here on the TFC blog.  Enjoy…

Today marked our second full day of Team Ethiopia activities. We split the day in two halves. The beginning of the day started again as we arrived at the Drop-In Center at 9am. There we split up into our individual team responsibilities. Kara taught the VBS Lesson on David and Goliath - focusing on how God's ways are not always the way we imagine but better in the end, even against the greatest foe. K.C. played Goliath for the lesson, as he stood on top of a table and was surely over 9 ft that way. In relation to the VBS Lesson, the kids were all given sling shots to play with during a selected amount of free time (nurf sling shots! No worries on injuries there!). The kids ate it up! In addition, Kelly and her trusty sidekick, Tom took care of the dental check ups. Man, the kids couldn't wait to be paid attention to with such detail - even if it meant having a shiny mirror and odd objects sticking in their mouth while a flash light shined in their face. With the help of nurse Bonnie, the kids were also attended to for any cuts, infections, and the like. We also were able to give a great Hygiene Lesson in which the kids were instructed on the proper way and importance of washing their hands. I believe Bonnie, Liz, and K.C. probably sang Happy Birthday a million times (what you sing to make sure you lather up long enough to kill the germs). The kids loved it. And then we had activity time, where Kelly McGoo surely shined.... "Nega Says" has become more than popular in the center these days.

Around noon, the group headed to a restful lunch together away from the Center - - - time to encourage one another and breath a bit before we headed to the second half of our day. After lunch we headed to the Boys Half-Way Home, where we enjoyed the company of the five boys (and 1 girl) living there. We played games, Kelly D continued her dental checkups, and we did our best to love on the children throughout the afternoon! Again we find ourselves back at the SIM Guesthouse quit exhausted but looking forward to the strength the Holy Spirit will continue to give us tomorrow for another day! We cannot wait to follow our fearless leader, Joe tomorrow to again share the love and affection we have to offer because of what Christ did for us! Sleep tight.