The Team Has Arrived


Written by Rachael Burnett We are finally here! Memphis to Newark to Frankfurt, then a brief stop in Khartoum, Sudan and then we landed in Addis Ababa at 8:30 p.m. (Ethiopia time)! We got through Visas and Customs fairly quickly. All of our luggage—all 15 checked bags—made it and are intact. And Kelly D., Liz, and Rachael ended up having to check their carry on bags in Newark due to a very full plane; needless to say, they were quite nervous about this since these bags had all of their clothes. We are so thankful that these were not lost or delayed. Praising the Lord for smooth and safe travels!

While waiting in line to go through Customs, Kelly D. spotted Befekadu, one of the little boys from Onesimus waiting to greet us with Nega, the director. Our excitement began to bubble over as we waved wildly across the airport to lots of smiling faces while waiting for our bags to go through their last screening. Right outside the doors, we were greeted with many sweet hugs, helping hands for our luggage, and some beautiful roses! When one of the little boys gave me a rose, his grin was a mile wide, and he squeezed my hand so tightly, so genuinely—I thought my heart might burst. That’s when it “hit” me…we are really here, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our time here holds. God is so good to allow us to join Him in His work here.

We are all trying to wind down and get some rest now! Thank you for praying for us, and please continue to do so!