Universal Children's Day

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Did you know November 20 was Universal Children’s Day? Universal Children’s Day was instituted by the United Nations to commemorate its adoption on November 20, 1959 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (DRC). The DRC states, among other rights, that all children have, wherever possible, the right to grow up in the care and under the responsibility of his parents, and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and of moral and material security. Ethiopia is far from seeing such rights observed for what I assume is the majority of its children, nonetheless November 20 was marked as a day to be focused on the rights of the children of its country. The challenging question that I asked myself was, “what will I do to further the rights of the children of Ethiopia and for that matter, the world?” I think we all need to ask that question of ourselves, especially those of us who work or support causes that work with and for the children at risk in our world.

On another note, Karyn, Jack, McLaine, and I got to celebrate Universal Children’s Day with Children’s Home Ethiopia’s staff and beneficiaries. We had so much fun as we watched the children play games, compete in silly competitions, give impromptu speeches, sing songs, listen to a special message from CHE friend Elias, and of course eat cookies and drink punch. I particularly enjoyed watching Begidu cheer so hard for his friend in the banana eating contest, that at one point I thought he was going to fall over.

I love how CHE’s compound becomes a haven for these children who have close to nothing. It’s like they leave their worries at the gate and know that this place is for them. I believe each of these children and the many others who have no such gate to pass through in Ethiopia deserve such a place. A place where they can be kids and laugh, play, be goofy, and simply have it be about them for a change. I know many of you believe this too and act on your desire to see the rights of children fulfilled in this world – some through your partnership with TFC. Thank you for supporting children’s rights!

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