We Did It!!

Hanna by Nathan Golden

Hanna by Nathan Golden

The Forsaken Children’s total end of year fundraising goal of $24,000 was set at the end of October. When that goal was set, it automatically seemed impossible to attain. Hoping to make the goal more manageable, I decided to campaign for just obtaining what is needed for Onesimus’ Halfway Homes in 2011 - $12,000. Since the final email promoting this, Hanna's Challenge, went out early Wednesday, Dec. 29 God has shown how much bigger He is than human expectations and efforts.

I am in awe of what God did despite my attempts to make things a bit more "possible". We raised $28,007.23 in end of year gifts.

I'm done limiting God! I had set the thermometer at $28,000 just because the program required that I choose an amount. God brought that in plus $7.23! On behalf of The Forsaken Children's board of directors, our partner project, Onesimus, and of course Hanna, Thank you for giving, promoting, and praying.

Praise God that He is not limited by us!

Joe Bridges, Director The Forsaken Children, Inc