Why not do both?


If someone jumped out of a plane anywhere in the developing world, there would be a need that they could help meet.

During a recent conversation, a veteran missionary who has spent more than 20 years in the developing world shared this interesting, hypothetical challenge with me. As I thought about the truth in his words, I realized that there really are only two options that we as believers have.

  1. We can look at that need as an overwhelming task and opt not to jump or
  2. We can dive in - anywhere.

TFC has been called to Ethiopia and it is there that we see the moment-to-moment needs of the developing world. God has blessed The Forsaken Children with a wealth of individuals willing to try and meet those needs - both physical and spiritual.

There seems to be a concern by many, though, that in order to work in impoverished, developing areas you cannot bring both the hope of the Gospel and provide basic physical needs. But these two goals are not mutually exclusive. Jesus himself understood this when he fed the multitudes. Our work in Ethiopia, through the help of Jesus Christ, is a long-term investment in the physical and spiritual future of Ethiopia.

With Jesus as our example we have much work to do. When Jesus walked among us he did more than proclaim who he was; he healed, fed, comforted and related with those he came in contact with. The children and families that we serve in Ethiopia receive no less. They learn of the love of Jesus through the relationships that their mentors build with them. Sometimes that means receiving a bible lesson, and sometimes it simply means praying over a warm meal.


Praying for Drop-In Center Lunch
Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. 1 John 3:18
Photo by Nathan Golden