Every participant gets one of these 5K Race T-shirts!

Every participant gets one of these 5K Race T-shirts!

Run Your Street Virtual 5k

race dates: April 7-14


Children, living on the streets - it is an epidemic in Ethiopia.

What if by running or walking your own street, wherever you are - YOU could make a difference in the lives of children living on Ethiopia's streets?  IT CAN, IT WILL!



We cannot wait to see all the pictures and posts regarding our race participants and the ways they choose to run or walk to support the street children of Ethiopia!

Check back to see them in a gallery on this page!


Race t-shirts are heading to the printer. We will keep you updated on ship dates for your race shirts!


There is still time to raise funds through your participation in this event! Share with friends and encourage them to give, both large and small helps to rescue, restore, and rebuild lasting hope for Ethiopia!

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What's a VIRTUAL 5K?

A virtual race is an event that can be completed in your own location at the time that best works for you and your schedule. You decide where you will run it, run with friends or by yourself. You map out your own race route (3.1 miles for a 5K), run or walk the miles, and report your participation online. You can run it on your own streets in your neighborhood, on local trails, on a track, on a treadmill, or even at a local organized race. The beauty of a virtual race is that you choose the location and it can be anywhere in the world!


Don't forget to post a picture of yourself to show your support for the boys and girls running their street in Ethiopia.


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