as an advocate for children at-risk in Ethiopia,

the forsaken children supports work that rescues children from the streets, restores them to family and school, and rebuilds lives through education and Christ’s love.

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Children living on the streets need a PLACE. Our rescue work centers around the support of a Drop-in Center or Day Center, powered by our friends at Make Your Mark. “This is a safe place where children from the streets can bathe, wash their clothes, eat healthy lunch, get biblical teaching, basic education, games,  counseling with play therapy and help with any minor medical issue they may have.  We take a holistic approach in assisting each child to move towards a new life. Those who show consistent desire to come off the streets by their daily efforts; we then invite them to the next step.” Family restoration is the eventual goal for these children as healing takes place.

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Restoration to Family - Children belong in their own FAMILY. For children coming out from the trauma of life on the streets in Addis Ababa, successful family reintegration is vital to their continued growth and development. We support and invest in our partners at Make Your Mark as they work hard to effectively reunite children who have come through the program, with their families of origin.

Restoration to School - Education is a key ingredient to success throughout life, and remaining in school deters many children from ever leaving their homes for life on the streets. Staying in school can be a particular challenge for girls as they reach adolescence. With a lack of basic hygienic supplies and instruction in rural Ethiopia, the development of a menstrual cycle can keep young ladies out of school for up to a week every month, often causing them to drop out all together. Partnering with WRAPS, another Ethiopian NGO, we help provide washable, reusable sanitary pads and supplies for girls, as well as unique physical education about their developing bodies. These simple aids help RESTORE girls to school.


Poverty can put children and families in precarious positions. For families and children on the edge, we sponsor food and education support through our SAFE Project, a collaboration with Onesimus, another Ethiopian ministry partner. Preserving and rebuilding that family unit is of utmost importance and through relationship, family training, food and educational support, the team works hard to help to keep children in school and families intact and healthy.