Giving Story

Donor Spotlight - Ed & Liz Gillentine

Donor Spotlight - Ed & Liz Gillentine

“Being a part of TFC has re-centered our priorities and given us a new perspective on God as Father,” states Ed. “It’s made me realize, without God we can’t do a thing. It’s brought the scripture from Romans 6, the wages of sin is death, to life for me. It’s the stark reality of a little child dying due to our brokenness; we are all broken and I’m broken to the point when I don’t even have the answers. We all need the Lord.”

I Can Advocate!

I Can Advocate!

I’m not without purpose because I haven’t hit the ground of Ethiopia in more than two years, I have a call to send, to give, to pray, to advocate, and to invite others into the work the Lord is doing in and through this ministry. A privilege indeed!

K-Kids Part II


  By Randall Johnson

K-Kids, a group of select 2nd through 4th graders at Germantown Elementary school who have joined with the Kiwanis Club to serve underserved children, presented Heather McGugan of The Forsaken Children with a check for $1,800 on Friday, May 18.  This was the culmination of their work to promote "Chicks For Change" and raise money for the chicken hatchery in Chencha, Ethiopia, that our own Jon and Jess Bridges have started.


The purpose of this hatchery is to provide sustainable support for our partners in Ethiopia who work with at-risk children.  So it is a perfect match with the stated purpose of the Kiwanis Club and for the K-Kids group at Germantown Elementary school.


The children went above and beyond expectations and brought great joy to Ms. Jordan and Ms. Feathers, their sponsors for K-Kids.  Ms. Feathers is Nicci Feathers, who has been to Onesimus, our partner in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and worked with our children there.  She is planning on returning in June with a team from Central Church.



We are very grateful to the K-Kids group at Germantown Elementary and say thank you on behalf of the children of Ethiopia who will be beneficiaries of this generosity.  Together, we can make a difference.


God Multiplies

~ by Heather McGugan

Heather with her friends at Onesimus, Begidu and Nibiyu

Kelly and Heather McGugan (a.k.a. Mr. and Mrs. McGoo) have been involved with The Forsaken Children since mid-2010. It hasn't taken long to get them hooked - Kelly serves as Sports Ministry Intern for TFC and Heather is a board member.

Although Mr. McGoo and I have not been called to adopt (at this time or never - who knows how God will lead), we've been led to care for the least of these through giving financially and being fully involved physically with The Forsaken Children (TFC) and its partner ministry, Onesimus, in Ethiopia. TFC works to care for the least of these in Ethiopia, the street children. Daily the ministry strives to care for the street children and the community around its compound, working to be the hands and feet of Christ while giving them lasting hope.

You see, too often as believers we either ignore the scriptures calling for us to do something, to care, to give, or to share our lives with someone else. Or we believe the lie that the problem is too big and my "help" would not be significant enough to matter so we stand idle. For too often I fell into the latter category - I felt the pull of what God was telling me to do, but felt trapped and insignificant in how to do so. The thing is, God has shown me over the last year and half that my "little" offering is all that He's calling me to give - Just like when Jesus took the small offering from the little boy of bread and fish to feed the multitude (John 6). He blessed the boys obedience and took the small amount of bread and two fish to make a whole lot! God simply wants our obedience; for us to do our part, answer His calling, and allow Him to turn our little into what He plans.

Bring what you have and let God take it from there!