Five Bucks


by Kelly Levatino My best friend, Heather, handed me a postcard.

On one side was a picture of her holding a sleeping boy, who should have been in preschool instead of looking for a safe place to rest on the streets of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  On the other side was a statement that blew my mind ...

$5 covers one child's tuition, fees, and school supplies for an entire month.

I expected the cost of educating children in Ethiopia to be a lot less than we pay in the US.  But not that much less.

The going rate for private school tuition in Memphis, Tenn., is $600 to $1000 per month for one child.  That means 120-200 Ethiopian children can be educated for the same price as ONE child from Memphis that is attending a private school.  Even U.S. public schools, where there is no tuition to pay, often cost parents hundreds of dollars each year in fees, field trips, supplies, etc.

So when I was presented with the opportunity to fund an Ethiopian child's entire education for a mere $60 per year, I couldn't resist.  In fact, I couldn't resist sponsoring two children.

Help educate Ethiopian street children

Just as Christ is an orphan's way out of spiritual poverty, education is an orphan's way out of physical poverty.  Without basic knowledge, Ethiopian children have little chance of ever being able to rise above the circumstances they are in.  But with an education, they have a shot.

I may never hear the call to move to Ethiopia and literally serve these kids.  I may never have the money to send large donations to organizations trying to reach out to orphans.  But, as an American, I will always have $5 each month to send to someone who needs it much more than I do.

I use $5 to buy a meal at a fast food restaurant.

TFC uses $5 to FOREVER change the heart and mind of a needy child.

I am happy and humbled to be a part of that.