Family Fun: TFC Advent Calendar

Want to do something meaningful with your family this year as you prepare for Christmas? Join the Bridges and several other families in making a TFC Advent Calendar. Assembly is easy and it is great way to prepare your heart and mind for celebrating the birth of Jesus. We have created cards with TFC prayer requests and a bible verse for each of the days leading up to Christmas and all you have to do is print them out, cut them out, and choose the type of Advent Calendar you want to create. The options are endless!

Here are a few ideas from Pinterest  ...

Once you choose the Advent Calendar you would like to make, print off the TFC Advent Calendar cards.

1. Advent Calendar Cards (PDF - no margins)

2. Advent Calendar Cards (PDF - MSWord margins)

Optional Family Fun:

Write a family activity on the back of each card that your family would enjoy doing (you could also write these activities on just a few cards if your family is very busy). Every family is different, so look at this list of activities and choose the ones that would work for you and create some of your own. If you come up with some new activities, be sure to share them with us below.

1. Make an ornament and give it to a neighbor.

2. Make stars out of empty cereal boxes, paint with glitter and hang from the ceiling.

3. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

3. Make-up a family Christmas song to the tune of Jingle Bells.

4. Bake cookies.

5. String popcorn and hang it on your tree.

6. Visit someone in a nursing home and take them a Christmas treat.

7. Buy a new toy to give away to someone in need.

8. Clean out the old coats from your closets and donate them.

9. Volunteer at a local shelter to serve a meal.

10. Make cards for your pastor and other church leaders.

11. Send Christmas cards to the staff of Onesimus.

12. Make popcorn balls.

13. Watch a Christmas movie and order pizza.

14. Make a snow scape out of shaving cream and figurines.

15. Make a gingerbread house.

16. Write a Christmas story.

17. Make handmade gifts for teachers.

18. Make fudge.

19. Go to a parade.

20. Go caroling.

21. Play in the snow (if you have it).

22. Make a construction paper link chain.

23. Make a nativity scene out of recycled boxes and paper.


Then, when you are all finished, send us a picture. Not only will the Bridges be posting pictures of their Advent Calendar, but we will be posting pictures of your creations right here. So please share. :-)


From the folks at TFC!