Hope in a Plastic House


Hope does live in Ethiopia.  It’s in Sara’s 1-room plastic house. This just in from our Field Director, Joe Bridges - it is an important story where we see what it looks like to help children (and their families) SURVIVE and THRIVE.

"I got to visit Sara and her mom the other day and sat in awe as her sweet mom described how she holds her precious family together in the midst of debilitating poverty.

'Where would my children go if I did not care for them?  I am all they have," she explained.  As I listened, I thought of the children I’ve recently come into contact with who, despite having adequate resources at home, were still on the streets.  You see, street life has become a cultural phenomenon that now seems to attract some that would seem to have no reason to be on the streets (obviously reasons are there and are deeper than the catch-all, poverty, but that’s for another blog).

Sara and her younger brother Abduselum, come home every night to a home made of plastic.  All their worldly posessions stuck in crevices here and there.  Do you think come home for this?  No - they come home for a mom who is committed to them; a mom who has been and is consistently a part of their lives.  Sara, Abduselum and their mom’s hope is not found in things, but rather in each other.  We can learn a lot from them."

Sara and Abduselum are beneficiaries of TFC/Onesimus.  They are in school and still in their home because of the work of our Ethiopian team, and it's ongoing help.  Rescue, Restore Rebuild - this process = LASTING HOPE in Ethiopia.