September - Remember Bereket


As you and your family and friends participate in the Chicks for Change campaign we want to ensure you are able to keep the children this campaign is truly for at the forefront of your mind. Each month a different Onesimus child will be highlighted so you can know and share a portion of his or her story.

Bereket is an Onesimus beneficiary

Age: 14
Religion: Christian

About Bereket: Bereket lives with his mother, uncle and twin sister, Rahel. He is very playful, which often gets him into trouble with his school work (can't sit still!). Other than his trouble keeping up in school, Bereket displays exceptional behavior and great respect toward adults. He has been diagnosed with Pulmonary TB, which affects his growth.

Pray for: Love for learning / Growth in his faith / Restored health

Download printable PDF here: September - Remember Bereket

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Suggestions for Chicks for Change Monthly Highlights:

  • Print each month's PDF highlight and put it somewhere everyone participating in Chicks for Change can see. Good spots include: the refrigerator, your desk at work, the office break room, your church bulletin board, your Chicks for Change jar, etc... Printable PDF is the perfect size for most church bulletins!
  • Each time you drop a coin in your Chicks for Change jar, remember the month's highlighted child in prayer.
  • Share the picture and story with your children and pray for the highlighted child each night together as a family.
  • Share children's pictures and stories with those in your life to connect their hearts with what God is doing in Ethiopia for its vulnerable children and their families.