Team Ethiopia: We Have Found Our Rest


Today we are all feeling much better! Praise God! Please continue to pray for our health this week. This morning we went to church...IEC...International Evangelical Church. It is a beautiful place...people of all races and nationalities coming together to worship God. Nicci & Liz say that they imagine that is what heaven will look like....all people coming together to worship our Savior. The sermon today was about Daniel....a man that was determined to serve God and follow His will for his life. Daniel saw his challenges as an opportunity. In Daniel 2:20, he says, "Praise the name of God forever and ever, for he has all of the wisdom and power." Daniel was not afraid. In the book of Daniel it teaches us that God is in control of the heavens and the Earth. This sermon was a great reminder for us to remember as we serve. No matter what we are feeling our God is in control.

After church, we went to the Fistula Hospital. We were going to go on a tour, but they do not give tours on Sunday.

Then, we headed to lunch at Kaldi's Coffee Shop. We were able to spend time with Nega and ask him questions. He spoke about the children and told some of their stories! After listening to him, even for a brief time, it was easy to see that he is a man after God's heart. You can really see his love for the children and that he is very humble. We look forward to spending more time with him tomorrow.

After lunch, we were going to go to a National soccer game. We were unable to get tickets because they were very expensive and it would be incredibly busy. We ended up coming back to the guest house to get rest for the busy week ahead.

We have received two rounds of letters from our friends and family... Thanks to our mentors for organizing this! What a great surprise! The letters that we each have received have been encouraging and uplifting. Some have even made us cry. It means so much to our team to know that we are not alone and that others are praying for us at home.

Today I will end with lyrics from a song this morning at church,

"We have found our hope, We have found our peace, We have found our rest In the One who loves."

These lyrics sing to our minds and hearts as we are humbled now and ready to serve and do what God has called us here for this week. This song reminds us to cling to the cross and cling to Jesus for He is the one who loves the greatest.

Our time... Keeping up with the time in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: