What Is God's Heart for Children?

These number are simply staggering...

  • There are approximately 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia.
  • Many of these children live on the streets of this impoverished country.
  • Estimates of children living on the streets throughout Ethiopia...as high as 500,000.

So the question is...

What Has Caused This Travesty?

While there are many theories about what has caused such devastating conditions for children in Ethiopia, I have my own theory.

I submit the core issue that has produced so many forsaken children in Ethiopia (and worldwide for that matter) is this: Society as a whole does not share God’s heart for the children He has created.

I was recently drawn to a description of God’s heart for children I read at Viva.org:

  1. God creates every unique person as a child with dignity.
  2. Children need parental love in a broken world.
  3. God gives children as a gift to welcome and nurture.
  4. Society has a God-given responsibility for the well being of children and families
  5. Children are a promise of hope for every generation.
  6. God welcomes children fully into the family of faith.
  7. Children are essential to the mission of God.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me, or have your own views to share?