How You Can Pray


I have been convicted recently about TFC's need for prayer. This need has always been there and it should be priority # 1, right? Even still, I find my time fills up with so many other "to dos" that creating a prayer post gets pushed further and further down to the bottom of the list.

Today I would like to change this and make creating a prayer post my #1 priority. Will you make praying for us one of your priorities too?

Ways you can pray for TFC:

Awesome board


  • Pray for the Board of Directors - specifically ask that the board will have godly wisdom as it works on restructuring itself. In a month four new board officers will be elected, who will carry much more responsibility for the overarching guidance of TFC than before.
  • Pray for Kara and me - When it comes to the day-to-day management of TFC, we are pretty much it. This keeps admin costs low, but it also provides us with little extra capacity to do all that we could do. Pray we can clearly pinpoint our priorities and therefore assist the board by implementing its directives.
  • Fundraising - honestly, this is not an easy task! Pray for our passion for the children and families of Ethiopia to drive us to ask without fear and pray for people to be willing to make sacrifices for the precious children we serve.

Ways you can pray for TFC's work in Ethiopia:

  • Jon and Jess Bridges - First of all, you should know that Jon and Jess (and their two children) are incredibly gifted and patient people suited for the rigorous life of TFC representatives in Ethiopia. While this is true, life in a drastically different culture and environment is challenging. Pray for them as they transition to life in rural Southern Ethiopia (in a small town called Chencha) where they are working to start a hatchery, which will help fund our efforts to restore street children to families.
    • Life is quite different in Chencha. For example, Jess can expect for older women to lightly spit - yes, SPIT! - on her precious baby girl as a means of blessing her. Accepting that custom while also worrying about her children's health, struggling with understanding a new language, and living without many of our modern comforts can leave room for frustration and fatigue. Pray for God's grace to flow through Jon and Jess!

Jess and kids paint flowers

300 of these little guys should be in Chencha by Tuesday evening!

  • Chicks! - Jon and Aregahegn (Ethiopian project manager for Kota Ganate Ag Project) picked up 300 chicks from Addis Ababa on Tuesday. Pray for these sustainability powerhouses as they transition to the hatchery and become the parent stock for future chicks.
    • Pray for the incubator to arrive safe and sound to Ethiopia from Uganda. This is not an easy process, but it's a necessary one!
  • Candice and Nicci - These two have been in Ethiopia for approximately four weeks and have two more to go. Please pray they remain healthy and for God to show them glimpses of how their firsthand knowledge can lead TFC to better equip its partners in the future.

Nicci and Candice are serving with TFC's partner, Onesimus for 6 weeks. Their focus is education and sports ministry.


  • Nega Meaza and his leadership of our partner project, Onesimus - Nega and his team of Ethiopian men and women represent the hands and feet of TFC's efforts in Ethiopia. They are the ones who love on the children who otherwise face neglect, abuse, and the emptiness of life on the streets.
    • Pray for the capacity to pour into these children what they need to leave the streets.
    • Pray for the strategy to navigate through the overwhelming needs that could otherwise cause them to burnout.
    • Pray for God's Holy Spirit to empower them to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
child at Onesimus Drop In Center Art

As you pray for Ethiopia and its needs, remember that it is a beautiful country full of wonderful people and incredible hope. We (TFC) are humbled by the opportunity to work alongside our Ethiopian brothers and sisters to address a problem faced worldwide - the neglect of children and the breakdown of families.