More Than Numbers


When Jess and I traveled to Ethiopia for the first time five years ago, Onesimus had just one person on staff and 6 children being served. Today, Onesimus boasts a staff of thirty six, and 210 children are currently being served. Needless to say, that's some pretty impressive growth. Of course, compared to some of the larger organizations out there, these numbers are pretty small. And I'm happy about that.

To some extent, anyone working in the developing world is forced to worry about the numbers. But, unfortunately, a lot of governments, funding agencies, and large organizations seem to only look at the numbers, losing sight of the individuals the numbers represent.

To focus on deeply impacting the individual lives of the children and families we serve is one of the primary values upon which TFC and Onesimus were founded. Rather than focusing on numbers, we focus on individuals. Individuals like Rahel.

Rahel in new school uniform.

Rahel, along with her twin brother, came to Onesimus a few years ago. Having been born into desperate poverty in Addis Ababa, Rahel seemed destined to life on the streets, to repeat the cycle of poverty that gripped her family. Without Onesimus her opportunities would be slim to none. Today, she is thriving. She is a lovely young lady, always smiling, always polite, always helpful. At Onesimus she receives love, acceptance, and guidance. She receives meals each day to supplement what her mother is unable to provide.

This year Rahel got a special opportunity. An individual donor here in the United States provided funds that enabled Onesimus to enroll Rahel in a better school. Rahel realizes the magnitude of the opportunity she has been given and is taking full advantage of it. She is excelling in school. Though she transferred into a class with more advanced students, she has risen to the top of her class.

This season The Forsaken Children is giving you the opportunity make a difference in the life of a child like Rahel. That is what the “Christmas Out of The Box” campaign is all about. Our goal is to provide school fees and supplies for 200 children for the coming year. Actually, I should say we want to provide these things for Rahel, Bereket, Koinjet, Bizayu, Desse, Metu, Begadu, Bezunesh, Ruth, Isayes, Alemayu, Ephram, Edilawit, Sami, Fekede, Mikias, Eldonna, Emanuel, and the list goes on. Each of these 200 children are unique, loved individuals like Rahel.

Individuals like us have the opportunity to deeply impact the lives of wonderful, unique, individual children in Ethiopia right now. Let's not miss the chance!

We have three AWESOME ways you can take “Christmas Out of the Box” with us this year. Click on the pictures for more information.